Committed to Sustainable Development
Brunei LNG’s  HSE Policy was revised in late 2005. This was done  to incorporate the Social Performance and formed as  part of our Social Performance Vision. In early 2006 our social performance was reviewed by Gas & Power and found to be in line with the global requirements. Later in the year a further gap analysis was conducted and remedial action plan for Social Performance was presented to the management for endorsement and implementation. As part of the global HSE review conducted by G&P, our social performance plan was then reviewed.

Brunei LNG will continue on the implementation of its Social Performance, that is now totally integrated into our core business through the existing Business Planning Process and the progress of all activities is monitored in the business plan of action.

A Social Performance road show was held with the aim of enhancing awareness among staff. The campaign focused on Brunei LNG Social Performance framework, which increased staff understanding of the relationship between Brunei LNG and the immediate community and its operational impact to the society at large.

The Brunei LNG Social Performance Plan aimed at strengthening the company’s commitment to all three pillars that fall under the Structure of Sustainable Development namely Social, Economic and Environment.


  *Sea Eagle photo courtesy of Ali Nordin
Brunei LNG’s commitment and main strategic objectives to Social Performance are:
To manage our operational impact and contribution to the society at large (Social).
To maximise / optimise opportunities associated with our operations (Economic).
To maximise / optimise impacts associated with our operations (Environment
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